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Sacramento-based Burly Beverages makes quality soda and shrub syrups using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and natural sweeteners in small batches to assure a consistent, high quality product and to create an all-natural product.  These 16oz bottles will make 16-20 sodas and up to 32 cocktails! All of their products are handmade in small batches with apple cider vinegar and turbinado sugar to assure maximum quality in flavor and healthfulness. 

BLACK LIME BAY LEAF: What the heck is a black lime? Also known as Loomi, black limes are limes that have been boiled in a salt brine, and then dehydrated whole. This concentrates their sour and salty flavors. We combine black lime powder with fresh limes, french grey salt, maple syrup, bay leaf and a specific blend of vinegars to create this sour, salty syrup. 

LEMON JALEPENO: Bright and lemon-y, with a mild (both in spice and flavor) jalapeno note. This syrup is perfect for margaritas and summer sodas. Try using it in place of lemon juice or simple syrup in basic cocktails for surprising results! 


POMEGRANATE PINK PEPPERCORN: Otherwise know as the "Triple P", this shrub makes an ultra refreshing soda and can be used in lieu of cranberry juice or grenadine in any cocktail recipe. Light and uplifting notes from the pomegranate juice and vinegar and savory, floral notes from the pink peppercorns. 


PINEAPPLE NUTMEG: Like a bolt of lightning, the Pineapple-Nutmeg Shrub will add a spark of YUM to your day! It makes an amazingly quenching soda or it can be used to enhance your tiki time cocktails. We like to mix it with coconut flavored sparkling water, (you know the one) for a light pina colada soda.


GRAPEFRUIT BRULEE: qual parts fresh ruby red grapefruit and crème brulee in one sweet little package…the Grapefruit Brulee Shrub Syrup! Made with plump ruby red grapefruit from Placer County that we cut in half…dust with organic blonde sugar and then we torch them until the sugar is slightly burnt and amazingly caramelized. Next we add them to a syrup of ruby red grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, turbinado sugar and our house made spiced rum-vanilla extract. The vanilla flavor in combination with the torched sugar and charred grapefruit provides this shrub with a playful custard vibe that sets it apart from similar shrubs.



Burly Shrub Syrup—CHOOSE FLAVOR

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