Burly Soda Syrup

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Sacramento-based Burly Beverages makes quality soda and shrub syrups using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and natural sweeteners in small batches to assure a consistent, high quality product and to create an all-natural product.  These 16oz bottles will make 16-20 sodas and up to 32 cocktails! All of their products are handmade in small batches with apple cider vinegar and turbinado sugar to assure maximum quality in flavor and healthfulness. 

REAL DEAL ROOT BEER: What's the deal with the Real Deal Root Beer Syrup? It's made with all of the roots, barks, twigs and leaves that a real root beer should be made from: real foods, with no chemical preservatives, food dye, extracts or refined sugars. Turns out, root beer is really fun to have in syrup form: you can sweeten your coffee, oatmeal, or plain yogurt, and flavor whipped cream, marinades, etc!


SUPER SMOOTH GINGER BEER SYRUP: Burly Beverages Super Smooth Ginger Beer Syrup is the end-all in your quest for the holy grail of ginger beers. Nice and smooth as the name suggests, but with enough ginger kick to turn any kind of Mule into a work horse!


SUPERSPICY GINGER BEER SYRUP: Some like it hot! The same recipe as our Super Smooth Ginger Beer, but with a little cayenne, habanero and grains of paradise to extend that ginger burn!



Burly Soda Syrup

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