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Just fondue it! Have more fun with your food using this playful and practical cookbook offering 100 simple and delicious recipes for fondue favorites!

What's more fun than fondue? You can have the full fondue experiemce at home! Inside you'll learn Fon-Dos and Fon-Don'ts: How to do it, what materials to use, and how to mix and match your favorites. With one hundred of the hottest recipes--including Havarti with Stilton Swirl Fondue, Mongolian Hot Pot Broth, Raspberry Swirl Fondue, and more!

Make your next fondue dinner party better than ever with these 100 delicious and easy fondue recipes. In The New Fondue Cookbook you’ll find classic favorites as well as new, unique ideas that all your guests will love. You can finally make the most out of your fondue set with these truly tasty, ooey-gooey, melted cheeses and chocolates that will have your stomach rumbling in no time!



OCTOBER: The New Fondue Cookbook: From Savory Ale-Spiked Cheddar to Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

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