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From River Road Sprinkles: "We're Surrae and Rachel and we are the founders/sprinklers/voices of River Road Sprinkle Co. River Road was our answer to an overpriced and uninspiring sprinkle market! Sprinkles have remained stagnant on grocery shelves for 50 years, and if you want something exciting then you're paying incredible amounts of money. We are on a tight budget but love beautiful desserts, so making sure that our product was something we could and would purchase was super important to us! We wanted to craft sprinkles that were beautiful, hand-made, and accessible for everyone. We spend our days hand-dying sprinkles, absolutely covered in rainbows and glitter, and it's the best feeling in the world. We've found a wildly inspiring and powerful community of crafters, cookie ladies, diet-conscious kiddos, and badass bakers. We know that our sprinkles can connect with and inspire folks all over the country to think outside the outdated plastic sprinkle jar, and we hope you'll help us make that happen!"

River Road Holiday Sprinkles, 6oz Jar--CHOOSE MIX

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