Premium Facial Washing Pads with Wash Bag

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Reusable facial cleaning cloths are the perfect way to wash away your day. They get your face sparkly clean, removing makeup, dirt and grime that builds up on your face during the day. Stop using disposable products that you have to purchase over and over again that just fill up our landfills. These are reusable and washable so you can use them for years to come and reduce your waste. They are a great addition to your zero waste life.

8 gentle cleaning rounds
4 exfoliating rounds
1 washing bag

Facial rounds are 4" in diameter, a generous size for thorough cleaning.

Wash used facial cloths in the bag provided so they don’t get lost in the laundry. Machine wash, tumble dry. Extra dry time may be needed to ensure they are thoroughly dry.

MicheNiche is Sacramento-based and woman owned. 

Premium Facial Washing Pads with Wash Bag

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