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Handmade fragrant fizz tablets are indulgently fun. Fill a tub with warm water and as you soak, drop in a tablet and watch it fizz. As the water softens, relax, ease tired muscles, and enjoy the sparkles. Packaged perfect for gift giving in a clear box with colorful foils.

6 tablets - 2 oz ea

"Love" Includes 6 Lavender fizz tablets in rainbow foils;

"Leaves/Magnolia/Te" includes 6 fizz tablets in Pink, Gold, and Green foils; 2 of each scent.

"Vetiver" Includes 6 fizz tablets in Gold foils

"Lavender/ Peppermint" Includes 6 fizz tablets in Green and Red foil; 3 of each scent

elizabeth W Bath Fizz, set of 6--CHOOSE SCENT

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