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1x sticker sheet

Sticker sheets are printed on white matte or clear matte sticker paper. These stickers are perfect for journaling, penpalling, and more! 

About Milky & Co. Studios:

Stationery had always been a uniting mutual love between my sister and me growing up. Being 8 years apart, there were few things we could connect on in terms of life stages - but the two things that have always stayed constant were our love for paper goods and for our mini schnauzer, Milky.

Having had a bullet journal and always loving art, many friends and family encouraged us to take our art a step further to create physical paper goods so that people around the world could enjoy our products as much as we loved making them - and that's how Milky & Co. Studios was born in June 2020. For almost a year, we have been designing, printing, cutting, and packaging all orders from our humble studio in Scottsdale, AZ. As we have begun to grow and scale, with the help of our parents, we have "family time" while creating and building something we love to do - all under the supervision of Milky, of course! We pride ourselves in our homemade goods that are thought out and often have a underlying story behind them and hope to continue bringing stationery serotonin to your front door. 


Cloud Notes Sticker Sheet

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