Zebra Wood Soap Block

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Made from a beautiful striped wood called Zebra Wood, each soap block has it's own unique stripes - just like a zebra. This is a heavy, dense wood that is very water resistant and will look absolutely stunning on display! Each of these is oiled with a Tung & Orange oil mixture to bring out the beautiful colors. Each dish features drainage holes designed to quickly drain water off of soaps, keeping them dry and lasting longer.

Measurements: 3"x4"and 3/4"thick

Formerly based in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Made Naturals now operate out of Southern California and is a small family-run operation! They specialize in  truly natural products with only real ingredients. They use  plant oils, herbs, clays and essential oils. No synthetic fragrances, additives or colors, chemicals, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Zebra Wood Soap Block

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