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A card for the coolest guy you know!

Inside: blank.

4.5" X 6" folding card with A6 kraft envelope.

Made in United States of America

Praxis Design Studio creates vibrantly playful stationery and gifts that zealously spread positivity with quirky illustrations and a whole lot of puns. With products that are equal parts whimsical, cheeky, and fun, they want to encourage a deeper human connection through authentically expressed sentiments that celebrate thoughtfulness, love, and belly laughs. Founder and designer Megan Schmitz creates items that are bright and sure to leave a lasting positive impression. Inspired by her love of crafts, funny papers, and the 2D animated movies of her youth (and adulthood) her illustrations are equal parts cute and bold while always being relatable.

"You're the Best Pops!" Blank Greeting Card

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