Smithey No.10 Cast Iron Skillet--CHOOSE DESIGN

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No. 10 Chef Skillet: Smithey's most verstatile skillet to date: featuring curved interior walls to promote movement and ease of serving, the 10" chef skillet has a larger surface than their popular 8", encouraging you to cook bigger omelets, sauté more veggies, or sear an extra steak. Like all Smithey skillets, the interior features their signature polished finish that when seasoned, is naturally non-stick and easy to clean. Use it well! 

No. 10 Skillet: Smithey's 10" skillet is an ideal size for a smaller household or the baker creating a perfectly sized cornbread or cake or pan of biscuits. This skillet is great on the grill or around the campfire as well. The 10" features the essentials in a cast iron skillet: pour spots, a helper hande for lifting with 2 hands, and their signature polished interior that is easy to clean and maintain. The 10" is the first skillet that they manufactured at Smithey and is a great everyday skillet. Use it well!

Made in the US, Smithey Ironware's skillets begin as raw castings with a surface similar to heavy grit sandpaper. They transform each one into an elegant cookware piece by hand & machine in Charleston, SC. The result is cast iron cookware with a glassy-smooth surface that is not only naturally non-stick and simple to clean - it is artfully crafted. They are so confident in the quality of their cookware, that each Smithey comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Smithey No.10 Cast Iron Skillet--CHOOSE DESIGN

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