Shampoo Bar, Normal Hair

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For normal hair we recommend this shampoo. Rosemary and lavender essential oils have a long history in hair care products. Ours is the most natural shampoo on the market with a very small environmental footprint, no plastic and no harmful ingredients.  Everything derived from natural ingredients.  A win/win for people and planet!

Ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, cetyl Alcohol, castor oil, organic cocoa butter, hydrolyzed rice protein, essential oils, green clay, herbal infusions.

Frontier Angel Soaps uses only the best quality non-GMO, organic &/or fairly traded oils and butters. All of their products are scented with their proprietary essential oil blends custom mixed in house.  If colorants are used, they use botanical infusions, powdered herbs and the best quality cosmetic grade micas and earth pigments to create an unparalleled range of gorgeous natural colors. Products are presented in either recycled, recyclable or compostable packaging.

  • No Preservatives (because our products are water free and don't need them)
  • No Sulfates (because petrolatum is a non-renewable resource and it doesn't belong on our bodies)
  • No Synthetic fragrances (because yuck, right? Also bad for those with allergies and skin sensitivities)
  • No Artificial colorants (because herbs + spices are colorful)
  • No Plastic (because we can do better than that)
Shampoo Bar, Normal Hair

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