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Flavor Required

Roons are delicious coconut macaroons, made by hand and dipped in real chocolate. Naturally gluten-free and grain-free; all chocolate specially made by Guittard. Made in Portand, OR.

Availabe in: 

Original, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate;

Lemon, #1 bestseller: delicious, zesty, and light; 

Chocolate Decadence, 46% chocolate with 5 different types of Guittard chocolate inlcuding cocoa powders, chocolate chips, and a semi-sweet chocolate base; 

Chocolate Espresso, Guittard chocolate with Portand favorite Stumptown espresso. 

All Roons are individially wrapped with a shelf-life of 60-days but can be frozen to last longer. 


Original, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate

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