Rage'n Red Jalepeño: Rose City Pepperheads Jelly, 12oz

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A Pepperheads favorite!! Spice up your next stir-fry, hamburger or baked potato. Fantastic on nachos. Try our Rose City Cheese dip recipe with this yummy sauce. A locally grown Red Jalapeno makes this sauce spicy enough for those that want some heat and just right for those that can't handle a ton of spice. 12 oz

Susan McCormick, owner and jelly artisan, is the brains behind Portland-based Rose City Pepperheads. Susan began making her own pepper jellies in the 90s and soon saw how incredibly versatile pepper jellies are in all kinds of cooking and grilling, as well as making a killer base for so many delicious sauces!  In 1997 Susan began Rose City Pepperheads and has been introducing Portlanders to sassy spicy jellies ever since. Susan is the recipient of multiple Scovie Awards for her Pepper Jellies including six wins for 2015. 

She works directly with local farmers to insure the best organic produce, berries and ingredients are used in her jellies and also farms her own organically grown hot peppers.

Her Pepper Jellies range from Mild to Wild and even Wicked. Susan has many top sellers although her newest addition Sneaky Ghost, in which she uses a locally grown Ghost chili pepper, is by far her favorite.  She mixes it with IPA beer and marinates shrimp, throws them on skewers and then grills them for a couple minutes on each side. A crowd-pleaser for sure!

Pepper Jellies are also a go-to treat over cream cheese with crackers. Glaze grilled asparagus, mushrooms or mix with a Pico de Gallo and dip tortilla chips. Mix with olive oil for your own homemade salad dressing. Use for glazing roasted and grilled meats. Rose City Pepperheads Jellies are sure to please all range of palates and are so versatile! 

Rage'n Red Jalepeño: Rose City Pepperheads Jelly, 12oz

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