Portland Bitters Project Bitters Adventure Kit

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Mini bottles (1/2 oz.) of three of their signature bitters. Packed in a custom kraft box with recipes outside and in. This fun set includes ORANGE, AROMATIC, & WOODLAND.

AROMATIC: Delight your Manhattan, Champagne Cocktail or Old Fashioned with these balanced, herbaceous bitters. If you think the story ends (sadly) with Angostura, these will change your mind. We use therapeutic-grade botanicals, organic cane spirits, and raw sugar so nothing gets in the way of pure flavor. 

WOODLAND: What on earth? That's right, wild-crafted Douglas Fir, enhanced with peppermint and bitter orange. Like sipping a hike, but more possible. We love pairing these with gin, bourbon, soda water and especially Aquavit. An intro tip: upgrade your G&T with a few drops 

ORANGE: Tired of orange bitters that taste like candy? Come drink with us. We use three kinds of oranges and give them a boost with classic gentian root and coriander. These belong in your Old Fashioned, with your rum cocktails and in that cold glass of seltzer.

ABOUT THE PORTLAND BITTERS PROJECT: We make small batch bitters in a 1920's bungalow in Portland, Ore. Selecting the finest organic botanicals and blending them to get their best and brightest flavors is what we're all about! In our line, you'll find both classic and surprising flavors with outstanding versatility.

Portland Bitters Project Bitters Adventure Kit

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