Olipop Orange Squeeze Sparkling Tonic

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5g of sugar

12 fluid oz

Prebiotics; Botanicals; Plant Fiber

non GMO

OLIPOP: a thoughtfully crafted tonic that found its taste in wholesome, hardworking ingredients instead of spoonfuls of sugar. So, why a prebiotic soda? Because it's the healthy alternative to traditional soda! OLIPOP assembled a global team of leading microbiome research pioneers and doctors to help them develop this functional beverage with cutting edge research. OLIPOP's natural ingredients—such as Marshmallow Root, Chicory Root, Calendula, Slippery Elm Bark, Nopal Cactus, Cassava Root, Kudzu Root, and Jerusalem Artichoke—work together to promote healthy digestion by feeding the microbiome that exists within all of us. Essentially, our beverages contain plant fibers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria
Made in United States of America

Olipop Orange Squeeze Sparkling Tonic

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