Miss Mary's Old Fashioned Mix

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Wisconsin has a distinctive approach to the ‘Old Fashioned‘ which has won it the status of a cult-classic. Miss Mary's Mix remains true to the brand promise of delivering better-for-you options without sacrificing flavor and style. Miss Mary’s Old Fashioned delivers the beloved flavors of real bitters, fresh cherry, and zesty orange, at only 30 calories a serving. If you haven’t tried an Old Fashioned in a while, let this version be what brings you back to your roots.

The Perfect Old Fashioned combines 2 parts liquor (Brandy, Whiskey, or Bourbon are traditional) with 1 part Miss Mary’s Old Fashioned in a rocks glass over ice. In Wisconsin, whether at your local tavern or in a world-famous Supper Club, you’d order the Old Fashioned “Sweet” – with a floater (aka ‘wash’) of Sprite or 7up, “Sour” – with a grapefruit soda like Squirt or 50/50 (actual Sour Mix works too), or “Pressed” – with a combo of soda + seltzer (less sugar, more liquor flavor).

Made in United States of America

Based in Port Washington, WI, Miss Mary’s is painstakingly redefining the market of drink mixes. Each elixir is mindfully crafted in small batches with care and attention to detail – without major allergens (including gluten), MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors or colors. The end results are mixers designed to delight your taste buds while satisfying your goal to be good to your body and soul.

Miss Mary's Old Fashioned Mix

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