MicheNiche Cutlery Pouch (UTENSILS SOLD SEPARATELY))

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This cutlery pouch is designed to allow you to take your reusable eating utensils and straw with you. The zipper keeps everything contained and makes it easy to just grab and go.

This is for the pouch alone; reuseable bamboo utensils are sold separately and can be found HERE.

Say no to disposable utensils when eating out. Bring your own instead! Do your part to help keep one time use plastics out of our landfills.

Pouch Size: 11”L x 3”W x 2”H

Perfect for most utensils and reusable straws. Measure first to ensure your existing items will fit. Contact me if you would like a custom size!

You can also fill this pouch with pens, pencil, cosmetic brushes and more!

If your pouch gets dirty just wash it! Gentle cycle, tumble dry low.

Sacramento-based, woman-owned MicheNiche is a creative maker of eco-friendly products. 

MicheNiche Cutlery Pouch (UTENSILS SOLD SEPARATELY))

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