Ginger + Lemon Hydrosol Drinking Vinegar

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Your mouth might start to water before you even pour your first shot. Your tongue will probably start doing a happy dance as you crack the seal on the bottle. Your brain knows what’s coming, even before your tastebuds do. That is the power of this ginger-infused apple cider vinegar. This organic apple cider vinegar base gets its peppery jolt from organic ginger root grown on our Harpersville farm. Not content to stop there, they layer in their signature lemongrass hydrosol, honey, lemon and red pepper which gives this vinegar a balance that is only complemented by the addition of garlic, cinnamon, clove, star anise and cardamom.

Uses: Beyond imbibing the daily 2-ounce shot, this zippy ACV is perfectly paired with a clean neutral oil like grapeseed or safflower, to dress your milder salad greens. We’ve also never said ‘no’ to mixing it with some mineral water and a little vodka or gin. Garnish with a thin skewered wedge of honeydew melon and you’ll feel downright virtuous.

8oz Bottle

Made in United States of AmericaMade in Harpersville, AL

Made in United States of America

Twenty years ago, Deborah Stone founded Stone Hollow Farmstead in the heart of Alabama with her husband and two daughters. Prompted by a natural love of the land, they transformed the farmstead from a horse-breeding facility into the thriving landscape it is today complete with a cannery, goat dairy, skincare laboratory, herb garden, and flower fields reminiscent of those nurtured by Deborah’s grandmother. This generational connection to the land and respect for its natural resources is at the heart of every decision behind Stone Hollow. It paves the way for using organic, sustainable practices as well as incorporating vertical integration into the crafting of our signature products. It demands transparency and accountability, which Deborah Stone has welcomed since the very beginning. It requires a long-term belief in the best this life has to offer. At the core of Stone Hollow is the desire to invest in the health and longevity of our future. The future of our land, animals, farming communities, and families. Through providing beautifully-crafted food, flowers, skincare, and wellness products cultivated in harmony with nature, we hope to share this vision with our world.


Ginger + Lemon Hydrosol Drinking Vinegar

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