Ginger-Brown Sugar-Birds Eye Chili Sampler Set

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This box is a great sampler set and way for people to try three of favorite flavors without having to commit to a bigger bottle right off the bat. This cocktail-forward collection features

  • Ginger (Moscow Mules and Dark and Stormy)
  • Bird's Eye Chili (The flavor of this syrup is rich and toasty with a nice kick at the end)
  • Brown Sugar Syrup (This "rich" simple syrup is a perfect blend of brown sugar and a farm direct organic cane sugar.  The flavor of the sugar cane comes through clearly in the organic cane sugar, playing nicely with the molasses from the brown sugar)

Each bottle is 100mL (3.4 ounces, which means you can fly with it!) and makes 3 full sodas or up to 6 cocktails each.

Made in United States of America

Portland Syrups is a cocktail and soda syrup company that specializes in small batch, lower-sugar mixers using whole botanical ingredients. Produced in the Pacific Northwest with all-natural ingredients they never use additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. We source locally whenever possible. We aim to create the best beverage experience for both our customers and clients.

Ginger-Brown Sugar-Birds Eye Chili Sampler Set

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