Crisp & Co. Victory Pint Pickles, 24oz

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In an effort to evoke the roots of Victory’s German-style Pilsner, the pint pickle features ingredients common in German cooking and combines the flavors of fresh thyme, dill seed, coriander, mustard seed, black pepper, African bird’s eye chile (piri piri), chile de arbol, and Californian heirloom garlic. 

24oz.Artisanally brined and hand-packed in the farm-rich region of Eastern Pennsylvania, every jar of Crisp & Co. starts with sourcing local, fresh ingredients right from the farm. Founded in 2012 in Hockessin, Delaware by Thomas Peter who has a master's degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell University, as well as a serious love for pickles. He combined his two great passions, along with a background in molecular gastronomy, to create our award-winning, uniquely delicious pickles. Tom eventually transferred ownership of the company to Derek Zukovich and his family of Stone County Specialties, Inc. The Zukovich family have been in the specialty food business for over 40 years and have allowed the brand to continue to grow each product on a larger scale while still maintaining the same care and attention to detail with each batch that Tom set out to achieve. They believe that pickling is not just a means for extending the shelf life of produce but rather a means to bring to light its potential! 

Crisp & Co. Victory Pint Pickles, 24oz

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