Classic Rolling Pin, 12"x3.75"D

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One of three JK Adams pins chosen as America’s Test Kitchen’s Best Rolling Pins on the market, this Gourmet Rolling Pin is a kitchen basic that every cook needs. Made with waxed hardwood barrels, these affordable pins have a full-length steel axle that runs through self-lubricating nylon bearings, guaranteeing a lifetime of smooth rolling. 

12" work space; 21" overall including handles

  • USA Made. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee. 
  • Hardwood.

J.K. Adams was founded on December 31, 1944. Times have changed but we are proud to say that our values have not. We remain committed to producing high-quality kitchen and housewares products by hand from North American hardwoods in Dorset, Vermont. We are a second-generation family-owned business with employees that have been with us for years and who are proud of the products we produce together.

Classic Rolling Pin, 12"x3.75"D

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