Cerro San Luis Honey, Costa Rica

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Having developed direct relationships with passionate farmers over the years allows us access to the pick of the crop, microlots and the best tasting coffees. We have a crew of

Cup Characteristics: Toffee sweetness, Pear acidity and a Syrupy body.

Now in their 8th year of milling their own coffee, the Delgados have excelled in perfecting the process of producing wonderful coffees. This year we are fortunate to have their full Honey processed coffee where the outer skin is removed using a mechanical de-mucilager eliminating the need for water. The beans with their mucilage (pulp) intact are then laid out on raised drying beds under a Solar dryer. The beans are turned by hand every hour for 8 hours a day creating a beautiful Honey like body. The care and love that Alexander and Sara put into their farm is evident in the resulting quality of their coffee.

PROCESS: Honey, Dried on Raised Beds
VARIETAL: Catuai, Caturra & Villa Sarchi
REGION: San Luis de Grecia, Central Valley
ALTITUDE: 1300m - 1600m

PRODUCER: Alexander & Sara Delgado

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Cerro San Luis Honey, Costa Rica

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