Bread Proofing Basket (Banneton)--CHOOSE SHAPE/SIZE

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OVAL or ROUND Brotform Bread-Proofing Basket for supporting, and adding structure to, softer bread dough while it rises (proofs)

Hand crafted from palmwood rattan from Indonesia with a removable cotton-linen blend liner

Coiled texture, along with dusted flour, helps add a beautiful artisan finish to homemade loaves of bread

Reusable; strong and durable to outlast thousands of uses

Hand wash basket with hot water only (no soap); wash fabric liner with warm, soapy water; air dry thoroughly between uses

OVAL measures 9.625" x 6.125" x 3.25"; ROUND measures 9.25" x 3.25"

Bread Proofing Basket (Banneton)--CHOOSE SHAPE/SIZE

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