Borderlands Bakery Brush Set, 9pc set

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A great basic soft bristle brush set for all levels of cookiers. Wash brushes in mild dish soap before first use, and maintain cleanliness after each use with a brush cleaning pad. Pat dry with a paper towel and allow to fully dry FLAT — this will particularly help with getting any kinks out of the fan brush since bristles are soft. Make sure to maintain your brushes by cleaning them after each use to extend their life.


WARNING: Not compatible with Poppy Paints– something about that product completely destroys the soft bristles on our brushes. 


Borderlands Bakery is Rancho Cordova-based cookie queen Lisa He. Lisa has appeared on the Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge (season 2, episode 5) and WON! She has a strong Instagram following, makes amazingly delicious cookies that look beautiful and taste even better, and offers classes, tips, recipes, and insights to making a living at doing something you love on her blog and various social media platforms. We are so happy to be able to offer products from her line and hope that they inspire you to create a little bit of deliciousness in your own home.

Borderlands Bakery Brush Set, 9pc set

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