Borderlands Bakery Cleaning Pad

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Perfect for cleaning your Borderlands Bakery brushes, other brushes, and even your makeup brushes! Ergonomic comfort grip for fingers and comes with a suction cup on the back to adhere easily to select surfaces. DO NOT use to clean product which has residual The Sugar Art Master Elites to avoid stains and DO NOT use with Poppy Paints as the paint will destroy the silicone. Approx. 4 inches across in diameter. To use: wet pad with a bit of water, apply a few drops of mild cleaning solution (i.e. dishwashing fluid), wet your dirty brushes and move in circular motions. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear!

Borderlands Bakery is Rancho Cordova-based cookie queen Lisa He. Lisa has appeared on the Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge (season 2, episode 5) and WON! She has a strong Instagram following, makes amazingly delicious cookies that look beautiful and taste even better, and offers classes, tips, recipes, and insights to making a living at doing something you love on her blog and various social media platforms. We are so happy to be able to offer you products from her line and hope that they inspire you to create a little bit of deliciousness in your own home.

Photographs by Borderlands Bakery

Borderlands Bakery Cleaning Pad

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