berry&thyme Blueberry & Sage Jam, 7oz

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Plump and sweet blueberries infused with the perfect touch of sage. Incredible on cheese, yogurt, toast, ALL THE THINGS!

No artificial preservatives. No added pectin or thickeners. Naturally vegan.

net wt. 7oz. (198 grams) - Made in a home kitchen.

From Erin Burrise, owner and jam maker at berry&thyme:

"I’m a born and raised Northern California gal, with a few notches of time in Portland, Oregon in my belt (I love and miss you every day, Portland). Along with my roots of growing up in a Black and Filipino household, it was my years in Portland that jump-started the expansion of my palate to unique flavors and broadened my appreciation for adventurous culinary experiences.

I’m not a chef. I’m not a baker. In fact, I have zero formal culinary training. I’m simply a woman who loves food and botanicals and found a way to marry the two in a delicious and vibrant way through preserves. I use simple, delicious ingredients and never add artificial preservatives, commercial pectin or thickeners.

I started berry&thyme because I believe you deserve to taste products that are as unique as you are. Each preserve is so special and I am proud of the flavors berry&thyme offers. I truly hope you feel and taste the love put into each and every jar."

berry&thyme Blueberry & Sage Jam, 7oz

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